Meet Our Team

Marketa Bilkova

Licensed Acupuncturist and Functional Medicine Practitioner

Marketa has practiced Chinese and functional medicine for 20 years and maintains ongoing research of natural approaches to aging and chronic illness.

Her practice is inter-disciplinary, integrating intuitive approach of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine with deep understanding of Western pathophysiology and functional medicine.

Marketa began her training in Western Medicine in 1992 at the doctoral program of First Medical School in Prague, Czech Republic, followed by Chinese Medicine training at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland.

For the last 10 years Marketa has served as an assistant professor at Five Branches University and taught academic courses in Chinese and Western Medicine as well as supervised clinical training.

In 2018 she added Cyberscan to her practice in order to test for the many factors that contribute to chronic illness and to assess treatment protocols for bio-compatibility.

She also practices and teaches acupuncture trigger point therapy – a myofascial release technique to regulate muscle tension and treat pain.
By combining Chinese Medicine, scalar biofeedback, RCP, nutrition and functional medicine Marketa has become a practitioner known for solving “medical conundrums” and sought out by chronically ill patients for whom other treatments have failed.

Lynne Rondelle

RCP (Root Cause Protocol) Consultant, Health Researcher and Licensed Massage Therapist

After 30 years of clinical practice Lynne has gained broad knowledge of functional medicine trends and the epidemic of metabolic stress and dysregulation.

She is a brilliant Multi-faceted Medical researcher focused on simple sustainable approaches to chronic health conditions and aging.

Symptoms like weight gain, fatigue and elevated cholesterol share a common denominator – oxidative stress induced sluggish metabolism.

By reducing oxidative stress through the use of root cause protocol Lynne helps her clients lay a solid foundation for long term metabolic health, improved energy levels and vitality.