Root Cause Protocol

What is Root Cause Protocol (RCP)?

Root Cause Protocol (RCP) is one of the most effective modalities we use in our clinic. It is helpful for a broad range of inflammatory and degenerative conditions because it focuses on their root cause – oxidative stress. The protocol is very gentle and supplements deficient minerals, retinol, food based vitamin C and B complex in order to restore cellular metabolism and iron re-cycling.

Research indicates that the great majority of us accumulate toxic levels of iron in our tissues as we get older. Unbound iron is a major source of oxidative stress causing cellular damage, accelerated aging and slowing of metabolism, thereby contributing to chronic infections and a host of degenerative conditions.

Iron accumulation in tissues is induced by several factors: diets deficient in trace minerals (notably copper) and retinol; consumption of excess iron from enriched grains and dietary supplements; aging and genetic predisposition. Bio-available copper and retinol are necessary co-factors to safely store and transport iron in the body.

Most clients notice improvements within 3 months on the protocol. They report higher energy levels and vitality, better digestion, reduced inflammation and pain and improvement in emotional well-being and cognitive function. Please see testimonials section for real life stories.

Lynne Rondelle is a certified RCP consultant and guides our patients through the protocol.

Root cause protocol was developed by Morley Robbins after extensive research of scientific literature.
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